Intressant “infographic” som kan hjälpa dig att öka engagemanget hos dina Facebook-fans

Enligt dem som kan så ska man ha koll på allt som händer i och kring Facebook, därför tar jag och nämner allt som har med Facebook och dess applikationer att göra. Det är faktiskt viktigt att hålla sig uppdaterad för annars går man miste om en hel del, lär jag erfara!

Kolla in tabellen nedan för att själv se hur viktig det är med information och i det här fallet lite mer specifikt sagt statistik.

Det finns inget som det perfekta Facebook-inlägget men Trackmaven bjuder på en intressant “infographic” med statistik som kan hjälpa dig att öka engagemanget hos dina fans.


Effectively Boosting Likes on Your Facebook Page

It does seem that many other forms of online promotion have taken a back seat to marketing on Facebook. There are a number of ways to take part in Facebook marketing, but everybody seems to like making fan pages or Facebook Contests. As you can guess, this is a numbers games just like anywhere else on the net. But the question that comes here is, what can you do to increase the number of Likes to you Fan Page?

You can start off by posting a status update where you mention your Facebook Page. Facebook allows you to ask people directly if they are interested in your fan page. This is one part about it where you really should not have a problem doing. But, there has to be something in it for them of course. As you understand, people anywhere on the net need a reason for Liking something, in the Facebook way, and so it only makes sense to provide them with it. There need to be a fair exchange of value with people, and that has always been the golden rule. Writing purpose driven status updates has to be done in a clever and clear way. You can even create a Facebook Contest to increase your fans.

Twitter is another social networking site that can be made to work for your business. You will have to be diligent with your efforts at Twitter if you want to capitalize with your FB fan page. You will need to have a good relationship with your followers, though, and that is where most people have a hard time with Twitter. What the normal method entails is letting your followers know about your post, asking for retweets and including a link to your Facebook post.

With the advent of smartphones these days, Facebook is a lot easier to access. So this brings to mind the smart use of text messaging or sending SMS to check out your fan page. Spread the word via your Facebook Badge placed on any site of yours, and that can make people curious about your page. You just need to leverage as many channels as possible to get the word out about your Page.

Do not worry about if you can create Facebook Likes to your Page because this is something you can do with a little effort. Be sure to get started today because there is no reason not to.

Facebook app for humorists!

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